To supply high quality and reliable automotive parts and spare parts for the original equipment manufacturer and Aftermarket in both domestic and international market, by relying on local elite experts and engineers along with collaboration with world’s well-known automotive parts manufacturers.


“Radiant” keep it position as be one of the most reliable brands in automotive parts supply field in the territory and the Middle East


+ Active participation in the market through establishment of auto parts supplying bases in target markets

+ High quality products supplying and procurement by obtaining reliable licenses and technical cooperation and applying latest technologies from world’s reputable companies to transfer the know-how into the country
+ Relying on local abilities and entrepreneurship
+ Focus on teamwork principle and create and maintain flexible, agile, ambitious structures based on knowledge


  +Superior and reliable automotive parts supplier for Iran OEM
+ Reputable brand for Iran Aftermarket
+ Active participation in the regional and global market
+ Creating infrastructures to attract and apply the talented and efficient forces
+ To develop flexible, agile and ambitious structures based on knowledge